Sunday, 30 June 2013

New computer

I'm sorry I've been a bit slow in posting this month but I've had computer problems.  My computer that I've been using started being problematic and I found out that the battery was heating up and damaging the workings.  My husband swapped my old computer for his spare (and old) computer.  It kept me going for a few weeks but developed the same problem with the battery.  I decided I'd have to "bite the bullet" and I bought a new computer.  It came with Windows 8 and the latest Microsoft software package.  The result?  I couldn't work it out.  I didn't know how to get around it, and I didn't really recognise anything. It's been a bit of a nightmare.  It won't run my machine embroidery programme (P E Design) and I have to buy an upgrade for it.  It's taking an extraordinary amount of time to transfer everything to this new machine and I'm getting a bit fed up!
On the sewing front I have been making a few frame bags and purses.  I'm trying to write a tutorial for a straight frame.  I've got some lovely frames with diamante crystal closures and I'm going to make some clutches for Christmas.  When I've finished the tute I'll put it on the tutorials page as a free download.  Here's some other bags made with frames:

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thereandbackagainamotherstale said...

I love a framed bag, so classic!