Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Scandinavian touch

A parcel arrived this week from Gudrun Sjoden.  Gudrun is Swedish and her designs and clothes are known through out Scandinavia and beyond.  She has now opened a boutique in London just near Covent garden. I was sent some lovely heavy colourful fabric which will make super bags because of it's strength and bold design.

In the parcel was a calendar with a picture of a fabric design for each month.  I loved this one showing a rooster, and the next floral one.  Such pretty colours and such whimsical designs.  

As a big Wallander fan I was ridiculously pleased to see she has shop in Malmo.  I like to think of Wallander popping in to buy something for the latest doomed woman in his life.  Who isn't a fan of Scandinavian fiction?  I am currently  embroiled in the argumentative world that is Borgen.  I'm not sure what it is about the genre, but somehow it is slightly exotic because it's set in Scandinavia and yet familiar at the same time.  Of course Wallander and it's ilk have been well written and plotted which always helps.
I've just about finished making my items for Nel Whatmore in her new fabric collection, Eden.  It's a very pretty collection and I think the things have turned out well.  I've got one more bag to make but here is a preview:
These are house shaped door stops.

The patterns for these designs will soon be available from Nel's website. The brown bag has a drwstring top and the patches have hand sewn blanket stitch around the edge of them.  I think they look very pretty it makes the bag unusual.
There will be a slight hiatus in blogging by me as in the next few days I am going into hospital to have an operation on my legs.  I have what's called Popliteal Arterial Entrapment which I had never heard of before I saw the consultant!  Sometimes effects long distance runners but in my case obviously effects a long distance sew-er. Anyway I am unsure how long my stay will be (could be a week) and how long afterwards it will be before I get back to sewing and blogging. So keep warm (or cool for my Aussie readers) and send me news of your sewing projects.  Better still upload them to the group flickr page.  Then I can view them on my phone or ipad.  I know people say you don't know what you've go til you lose it, well I know walking is important - let's face it everyone does.  When I started with the pain in my muscles I kept thinking it wasn't serious, I even thought it was "my age" or that I just wasn't fit enough.  It isn't a flashy condition that people can see and when I say don't walk so fast, or stop because my muscles hurt it sounds wimpy and "just like a girl" as my son said.  For quite a while my GP was going down the road of thinking it was due to my statins so I had changes of brand and dosage without a change in my legs.  My muscles weren't improving but I was getting embarrassed going back and saying to the doctor "my legs hurt".  Anyway he sent my to a consultant who listened to what I was saying and sent me for some tests which resulted in the PAE diagnosis.  I can't say I'm looking forward to surgery and recouperation but I am looking forward to being able to walk down the street without having to stop because of pain.  Incidentally, the pain is "claudication", yes it even has a name :-)  So it turns out I'm not a wimp after all.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am glad you finally got a diagnoses and something is going to done for it. Praying for the surgery and fast good healing! You will be back to being pain free in no time!

MBags said...

Oh Christine, I'm sorry that you are having to undergo surgery but thank goodness you have had a diagnosis. I do pray that all will go well and that you recuperate quickly. Just think of the long term benefits: being pain free! God bless.

Very Berry Handmade said...

All the very best with your surgery. What a relief it must be to know that what you have has a name!

Jacq C said...

I'm glad you have a diagnosis and the surgery will sort it all out. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Good luck with your surgery and hope you will be walking painfree soon.

Kay said...

Good luck with it all. Hopefully you will be back to sewing happiness soon.

The undomesticated scientist said...

good luck with the op. hope it all goes well and the back of your knee is well soon (see, i know where the Popliteal Fossa is!).
hope your sewing again soon. x

Ro's chooks said...

Oh Christine I have just read your blog. I am so sorry to hear you have to undergo surgery, Bruce and I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. Will be in touch and speak when you are home. Lots of love from freezing Wales. Ro xx

Jacq C said...

Hi Christine, hope the surgery went well and you're now recovering well :)