Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Cover and sewing musings...

In my last post I showed you the cover I made for my sewing machine.  I said it was quick and easy and so it proved to be.  I made this cover for my Brother 4000.  My Brother is a big machine but the pattern worked just as well as it had the first time.
Even though it's just a sewing machine cover I feel quite pleased with it.  Not only does it protect my machine but it's pretty and improves the overall decor of my guest/sewing room. 
I had a great time at the Stitch and Craft Show at Olympia.  I was quite anxious about my workshop which I did twice (Thursday and Friday) and I wanted to make sure the participants had a good time.  I think it went quite well and all the girls seemed to both enjoy the workshop and were pleased with their pouches.
I had great fun as everyone who did the workshop was really lovely and some were very funny.  I have to say more than one person has been put off sewing by the comments of sewing teachers in the dim and distant past.  I can fully sympathise with this as my sewing teacher at school said I'd never learn to sew.  Mind you, we spent mind numbing classes sewing straight lines on paper with no thread in the machines and practising different types of seam styles.  The first real sewing I got to do was sewing seams on a tea towel.  Not really designed to enthuise anyone!  One of my projects that I had to do for end of year marks was threading raffia onto some kind of quite thick fabric in a design.  Not only was it boring it was also useless!  The finished product was neither beautiful nor worthwhile.  The thing couldn't be used for anything.  The teacher of this inspirational year wrote that I "didn't have the aptitude for sewing".   On the other hand my grandmother had a treadle Singer machine and she was most encouraging and let me use it whenever I went there for holidays.  She showed me how to make dolls clothes and how to turn a tube out to make straps amongst other things, and that "everything looks better when it's ironed".  Some of the women who did my workshop had wanted to learn to sew for a long time but had been thoroughly discouraged by their school experience.  Thank goodness things have changed.  Remember the monk's costume workshop I did in Cirencester with the school kids?  They were keen and confident about their sewing and I'm sure that is due to the changes in educational techniques.  I hope your school sewing experience was uplifting!
Here's a really cute bag (or purse) that's on a half circle kiss lock frame.  The fabric is Daisy Chain by Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics and the lining is Little Apples by Ameela Hoey for Moda.
These frames are available from here and the bag is for Sew Hip Magazine. 
Next post I will be doing a great giveaway so stay tuned.


The Sewing Croft said...

The show sounds great, I do hope maybe next year I will go, Im still getting to grips with diff shows and things :-)

Jill - And Sew We Go said...

I am loving your sewing machine cover, wht a great idea. I might have a go at making one.

Jill x

Gill said...

What a coincidence! I've just cut out anew wallet from the same wonderful AB fabric!

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thank you