Friday, 29 February 2008

Doubley blessed

I've just been awarded the "Spread the Love" award by Little Cotton Rabbits - My second award today!And I am truly honored! So to spread the love I am going to mention a few blogs that you may want to visit.

Cupcakes for Clara for cuteness and eye pleasing-ness FlossieTeacakes for ingenuity and craftiness as well as some great photos The Pesky Bombolino for the idea of a virtual wedding

I love visiting other blogs to see what people are doing, for inspiration and just to drool. There are so many talented crafty people out there.

I've been nominated

Jo of BlissedOutKnitting has nominated me for "You Make My Day" award. I'm ridiculously pleased because I've never been nominated for any blog award before. Ok I have to nominated up to 10 blogs that I rate as making my day . Here goes:
I'd have to include U handblog Lisa's blog is inspirational if you are a bagmaker (or even if you aren't)
Marmaladekiss is great for crafting stuff as well as delicious gluten free recipes
For observations on life as well as knitting LittleCottonRabbits is the place to go.
Sometimes I just want cheering up. StitchyMcYarnPants makes me laugh until I cry.
PinkLemonade just because her blog is so pretty and her bags are so lovely.
That's 5 sites (so somewhere betwen 1 - 10). I've avoided obvious blogs like SewMamaSew, Hellomynameisheather, Purlsoho etc. Thanks to BlissedOut for nominating me. There are just so many wonderful, inspirational and pretty sites that I found it hard to choose.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Why Oh Why?

A little rant this morning from Sewchristine. Why are there no decent fabric shops in Kent (UK)? Yes I know there are some like World of sewing in Tunbridge Wells but even that doesn't stock the latest fabric or designer cottons. If I want a particular fabric I have to go on line. And who'd have thought John Lewis in Oxford Street would end up with a fabric dept the size of gnat? And has anyone been to Liberty's lately?? What is going on there? The fabric stock has been reduce to half a floor in the back shop. Anyway I wanted some more Owl fabric like this: So I went on line found some that had a brown background and I was delighted. When it arrived the design was about 10 time larger than my original. LOL
Reading about how to increase readership of your blog and traffic to your Etsy shop, I am assured by those who know that giving away samples of your work is the way to do it. I'm not sure it's working for me! However, I'm giving it another go. I have a gold coloured clutch bag and matching coin purse on offer. All you have do is leave a comment and I will choose one lucky wnner on Monday 10th March. PLEASE check back then to see if you have won!! I will also post the winners name on Prizey. This clutch has a zippered closure and mother-of-pearl button decoration. The fabric is upholstery velvet on the outside and silk on the inside. The coin purse is zippered and has the same lining with woven silk outside.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Winner from Craftster

A new winner. Step forward Sam jugins and let me have your name and address. You are the lucky winner. Thank you to everyone from Craftster who left a comment. I will be having a new giveway starting tomorrow so if you missed out this time...try again!

Just for Craftsters

Leave a message and I'll pick a winner today. YOU MUST CHECK BACK TO SEE IF YOU'VE WON. This is because I have to have your real name and address to send the bag to. The bag is this red velvet one:

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Oh No!

Sadly Maryskid hasn't contacted me and I cannot get in touch with her so I am re-drawing the bag prize. I used the number generator again and came up with yolanda (intento de labores) So make yourself known Yolanda so I can send the bag to you.
I bought some handles to make a knitted bag and chickened out and made a fabric one instead. I used some lovely Amy Butler fabric on the outside, sunny yellow on the inside and added a dragonfly detail. what do you think?

Monday, 18 February 2008

Bag winner

Thanks to everyone that left a comment for my bag giveaway. There were 136 comments and using this random number generator I came up with number 33. So if Maryskid would like to contact me with her real name and address I will send the bag. I will be posting another giveaway next Monday so if you weren't lucky this time join in again.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Easiest Nappy/Diaper Bag...Ever!!

This tutorial takes you through making the easiest nappy(diaper) bag ever. The bag is fully lined and has roomy internal pockets, interlined with quilters fleece and has shoulder handles and a Velcro fastener. (Base stiffening is an optional extra but one I would recommend. This step is really easy too! You can get the base grid here) Half inch seam allowance throughout. 1. Fabric. You will need the following: 1 piece of fabric 25 inches (63.5 cm) long and 18 inches (46 cm) wide for the outside. 1 piece of fabric the same measurements for the lining, 1 piece of quilters fleece the same measurements for the interlining. You also need 1 piece of fabric for the pockets 23 inches (58.5 cm) long by 18 inches (46 cm) wide. For the handles you need 2 pieces of fabric 43.8 inches (111 cm) long 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide 2. Make the handles. Fold the fabric long ways, wrong sides together, and press the fold. Refold so that the edges of the fabric meet in the centre at the ironed edge. Re-iron. Fold over again so that the edges are caught in the middle. Stitch along both sides of the handles. 3. Attach handles to the outside fabric. Measure in 5 inches (13 cm) from both long edges and 9 inches (23 cm) from both narrower edges. (The long edges are the sides of the bag and the narrower edges are the tops of the bag) 4. Stitch along both sides of the handles and across the top and bottom. Leave 2 inches (5 cm) between the top stitching of the handles and the top of the bag. 5. Take the pocket fabric and fold it so the two long sides are folded into the middle right sides together. Stitch along both raw edges. Turn the right side and press.
6. Place the pocket piece- right side up- in the absolute centre of the lining fabric. Pin around the pocket.
7. Now mark the centre of the pocket with a line right across the fabric parallel with the bag top. Measure 2 inches on either side of the central line and mark’ Stitch from the top of the pocket along one side, along the 2 inch line and up the other side. Stitch another line in the middle to make 2 pockets. Turn and sew the other side of the pocket exactly the same. 8. Make a fabric sandwich. Place the fleece on the bottom; place the lining next right side up, place the top wrong side up (so the right side is touching the right side of the lining). Carefully pin all layers together making sure the handles are kept away from the stitching area. 9. Stitch right around the bag through all layers leaving a small gap to turn the bag right side out.
10. Turn out and press. 11. Match tops together with right side fronts together. Stitch down both sides of the taking care to catch the small opening into the seam. 12. Press the side seams open flat and stitch around the top of bag. 13. Push the bottom of the bag flat and match the side seams to the centre bottom of the bag. Mark a line half an inch from the pocket fabric. Stitch on this line on both sides. 14. Cut some bottom base to fit the ‘pocket’ across the bottom. Insert the grid into the pocket and turn the bag the right side out. 15. Attach Velcro to the top inside either by sewing or by using Fabric Fusion Velcro which can be just ironed on.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Final call for bag draw

Tomorrow is the last day you will be able to enter the bag draw. If you want to win a handmade bag go here and leave a comment. The winner will be announced on Monday 18th February. Please check back on that day and let me know if your name is drawn.( I need your real name and address to send your prize)
If you live in the UK you could do worse that go to McCulloch and Wallis in London. I was lucky enough to go on Tuesday this week and what an aladdins cave it is. All sorts of trimmings, ribbons, fastenings and fabric. I got these magnetic fasteners for bagsI also got loads of grossgrain ribbon.
If you can't get to London go to their website

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Tutorials tend to be long posts and it might knock my prize giveaway post waaay down the page. So, if you’ve come here to win a bag just for leaving a comment go here: Prize giveaway.

I have 2 pair of glasses. One for close up and one for distance. Curiously middle distance is fine and I don’t need glasses for just walking around. However, as I do need them for reading, sewing, driving etc I have to carry both with me. This tutorial is for a glasses case that carries 2 pair safely which may mean one pair of glasses and sunglasses.

What you need: 6 oblong shapes of fabric 4 ½ inches by 7 ¼ inches. Two oblongs 5 ½ inches x 3 inches. One Internal (Coin Purse) Flex Frame 3.5" which you can get from here.
1. Once you've cut out your fabric you need to back 3 of the 41/2 x 7 1/4 pieces of fabric. I used iron on Vilene.
2. Take one piece of fabric with backing and one without put right sides together and stitch across the the top. Turn right way and press.
3. Make a sandwich in the following manner: 1 without backing face up, then piece stitched across top, then 1 without backing wrong side up, then 1 with backing face up and finally 1 with backing wrong side up. Make sure the piece stitched across the top is about 3/4 of an inch from the top of the sandwich.4. Either pin or hold sandwich together and stitch along the two long sides and the bottom through all layers.
5. Snip corners and turn right side out.
6. You know how you stitched all the way up on the sandwich? Well now you have to take the stitches out from the top down to the divider (the piece stitched across the top). Push the ends of the fabric under and stitch both sides creating a "v". (Sorry this photo isn't very clear)
7. Take the two 5 1/2 x 3 inch fabric pieces and fold them under by 1/2 inch at both ends. Stitch. Then lay one piece right sides together along the top of one side of the glasses case.

8. When both casings have been attached turn the unattached side under about half and inch and stitch on the inside making a casing wide enough for the flex frame.

9. Insert flex frame and secure ends. Now you are either finished or just about finished. Because I am lazy busy I leave the ends as is. However if you wanted to be picky tidy you can slip stitch the fabric together to hide the flex frame hinges.

10. Admire finished glasses case.

Friday, 1 February 2008

New bag and giveaway.

As February has begun I thought I'd make myself a new bag. This one is bright and breezy and almost springlike! I've used Kaffe Fassett fabric both inside and outside and Aubergine faux leather handles (from here). The bag has a magnetic snap, 2 external pockets and and interior zipped pocket. It is rigid construction (Timtex) and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I'm giving away a bag for February and it's another really cheerful and bright design. This bag is red velvet and Kaffe Fassett cotton on the outside and multi red cotton on the inside. It has an interior zipped pocket and matching shoulder straps and a top zipper closing. To win this lovely cool weather bag just add a comment telling me whether you prefer rigid bags or bags interlined with quilting wadding. Please, please check back on this site before the middle of Feb to see if you've won. I need your real name and address to send your prize.

I recently joined stumble and put sewing, quilting, craft as my keywords. I kept getting plumbers and I couldn't understand it. Then I realised it was because the word sewer shows up on all their sites! lol