Monday, 10 March 2008

Egg cosy tutorial

Here is my little gift for Easter. A cute egg cosy. Very easy to make and it looks so good on your egg. This is sized for an average sized traditional shaped egg cup with a large sized egg. You will need to draw a pattern following the one below: You will need 2 pieces of outside fabric, 2 pieces of inside (lining) fabric and two pieces of quilters fleece or other warm insulating material. One piece of fabric for a top holder.Use your pattern to cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric and fleece.Take the small straight piece of fabric turn both sides in and then fold so that all raw edges are in the middle. Stitch along the loose edge. Fold in half and attach to the top of one piece of outer fabric.Make a sandwich of 2 pieces of fleece, then the outer fabric wrong side to fleece and the other piece of outer fabric right sides touching.Stitch both sides and curved top through all layers leaving the straight edge unstitched. Take both pieces of the lining and with right sides touching stitch it the same but leave a small gap at the top for turning. Place the outer piece inside the lining piece. Stitch around the straight bottoms.
Use the small gap at the top of the lining and turn the entire cover the right side out. Close the gap in the lining by either slipstitching or machine very close to the edge.
Push the lining inside and stitch around the bottom.



Christy said...

That's a cute and fab tutorial, Christine! Thanks and have a blessed Easter.

Julia said...

Thank you, what a cute egg cosy. My Mum has been asking me to make her some egg cosies for ages. Now, I think I've run out of excuses. All I need to do is find some really cute fabric like yours :)

MarmaladeKiss said...

THank you soooo much for this tutorial (and follow up tips), it has saved my easter skin! Take a look at my blog to see what I made with your inspiration (for which I gave you full credit)! xx

Kraftykrew said...

This is too cute just love it
take alook at our blog


Sandra :) said...

Almost 2 years after you posted the tutorial I've finally made a set of these adorable cozies! I posted a picture to my sewing blog yesterday if you want to take a peek - thank you so much for the inspiration and tute!

Anonymous said...

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Dawn Ruth said...

Very cute Ive just bought some pretty Easter fabric (it was reduced and sooo pretty) and was thinking what to do with it now this is a good idea. I have made some oven gloves and tea cosy same principle will give it a go