Tuesday, 23 July 2013

All Change...

You'll know by my last blog that I'm having trouble with Windows 8.  This has forced me to look elsewhere for my posts as Blogger doesn't really like 8!  I've moved over to Wordpress and I will blogging from there from now on.  My new blog address is www.sewchristine.org which is the same address as my shop.  Just click on the blog tag.  I will be leaving this blog up and running with all my tutorials, tips, pictures etc intact.  I won't, however, be adding anymore new posts or content.  Over time I will be migrating my tutorials to my new blog.  Why not take the plunge and pop over to Wordpress?  I'd love to see you.  Oh yes, and I'm taking Jessie the sewing wonder dog with me!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

New computer

I'm sorry I've been a bit slow in posting this month but I've had computer problems.  My computer that I've been using started being problematic and I found out that the battery was heating up and damaging the workings.  My husband swapped my old computer for his spare (and old) computer.  It kept me going for a few weeks but developed the same problem with the battery.  I decided I'd have to "bite the bullet" and I bought a new computer.  It came with Windows 8 and the latest Microsoft software package.  The result?  I couldn't work it out.  I didn't know how to get around it, and I didn't really recognise anything. It's been a bit of a nightmare.  It won't run my machine embroidery programme (P E Design) and I have to buy an upgrade for it.  It's taking an extraordinary amount of time to transfer everything to this new machine and I'm getting a bit fed up!
On the sewing front I have been making a few frame bags and purses.  I'm trying to write a tutorial for a straight frame.  I've got some lovely frames with diamante crystal closures and I'm going to make some clutches for Christmas.  When I've finished the tute I'll put it on the tutorials page as a free download.  Here's some other bags made with frames:

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lots of new stuff

I had a great day on Saturday doing a workshop for an oilcloth satchel.  My prototype was the subject of my previous post  and I posted pictures of the fabulous satchels on my facebook page.   This Saturday I'm doing a cute summer clutch workshop.  I love this bag, it's an oversized clutch with a cute ruffled corsage sewed onto the front.
It has little side loops and rings so it can take a chain handle.  This can sit inside the bag or be removed when not in use. It's got a boxy bottom so it is quite roomy inside. I can't wait to see this bag in the different fabrics the participants choose on the day.  
I have some great new things in my shop at present.  The metal fittings are really lovely.  I got two versions of this ring one large and one smaller.  The ring is hinged so that it can be added after you've finished sewing.  This makes for easier attachment.  They are smooth nickel silver (so shiny) and look great on bags.  I've used them with metal grommets which look really professional (even if I do say so myself!)
1 1/2 inch ring
 1 inch ring
With grommets.
I've also got these simply gorgeous big snap hooks.  I love the oval shape of the hook.  So smart!
I've put some tutorials in my shop at £2.00 each and they are immediately downloadable.
These are a step by step guide to making some great bags, with pictures so the tricky bits aren't a mystery!  
There are loads of other things including beautiful new handles so why not pop over and have a look?  www.sewchristine.org

Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Bag Purse Patterns

I've just finished another satchel as a sample for my workshop on Saturday.  Although this goes together quite easily the oilcloth can make it a bit tricky, so I hope the ladies in the workshop cope well with it.  Here's the starry version:
I think it's quite cute and practical.  I hope they like it.  I've also finished some more tutorials for my shop.  These are £2.00 each and can be immediately downloaded.  They have the full instructions and pictures and are easy to follow. I will be adding more over the next week or so.
Our weather hasn't picked up any and it's raining again today.  Jessie never wants to go out in the rain, so today I'm going to let her off.  No fun dragging a dog in the wet!
It's also still quite cool.  At this rate we'll be into Autumn without any sunny days at all.
You probably don't remember but I moved house about 2 years ago.  When we were going to move my dh's secretary took my chickens as we didn't have run at the new place.  When we moved in Mr Sewchristine said he'd build me a run, and he did - 2 years later!  Anyway I now have a lovely run and a nice new chicken house, so three weeks ago i went and got some chickens.  I got four outstandingly intelligent birds who were all on the point of lay and are now laying.
Four pretty girls I'm sure you'll agree.  I call Chickens "pets with benefits" and we have been getting 4 eggs a day from these gorgeous hens.  They are very friendly and funny.  In these photos they are also pretty wet.  There are dry places for them but they prefer foraging around their enormous run.  The run is at the side of our house so we can watch them from the windows.  They can also see us and tap on the glass if they think we are ignoring them.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Giveaway winner and New Bags

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. It was lovely to read your comments.  I put you all through the random number generator and jackyedwards was the lucky winner in this case.  So step forward Jacky with your name and address and I'll get your prize sent out to you.  I've been a bit busy making sample bags for The Sewing Shop in Canterbury where I will be holding workshops over the next few saturdays.  They like to put the bags in the window as a way of advertising what the workshop will be doing.  Here are some of the up and coming events:

 This is an easy Craft/Market/nappy bag. 
 This is an oversized clutch with an attached corsage
This I called a Beautiful Bowling Bag.  It's made out of pretty oilcloth.

Satchell bag with adjustable strap.
I'm sure the workshop attendees will have a fun day whichever bag they choose.  I've got some more to go, an evening clutch and a beach bag.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wedding news and giveaway

Great excitement in the Sewchristine household last weekend as my son Matthew married Nina.  We had a lovely time and were pretty lucky with the weather.  My grandchildren all enjoyed it too, especially the girls.  They got to wear their "wedding" dresses and looked really pretty.
Of course the bride and groom looked pretty good too!  My lovely daughter Melissa made the wedding cake and decorated it.  It was a yummy double chocolate cake that we had for dessert at the reception.
I was very happy with the girls dresses except that it was too cold to wear them by themselves, so on the day they had a combination of long sleeved t shirt, bolero and cardigan.  But it didn't matter a bit.  It was a small family wedding and we walked to the reception from the Church. It really felt like a country wedding.
So from the wedding to my giveaway.  I've got a couple of nice things to giveaway starting with a zipped pouch tutorial and kit.  In this pack you get a full tutorial with pictures and all the makings for the zipped pouch.  Pretty fabric for the outside and lining, interfacing and zip. The pouch has a nice flat bottom and is a good size for cosmetics or toiletries.
Nex I have a selection of bag making bits: magnetic snap, metal bag frame, gold coloured buckles,and a red leather purse handle with antique bronze D rings attached.
Finally I'm giving away these gorgeous Bazaar Beads.  The largest (the red ones) are 4cm wide.  These are great for craft and sewing projects or even jewelry items.
A nice little booty I'm sure you'll agree.  Please, please read the rules.  Anyone, anywhere can enter, I will send the prize to anywhere.  Yes that means you - where you live, if you win!  You must leave a comment on this post.  You can also leave a comment on facebook, but only the comments on this post will be entered.  You must leave me some way to contact you (email, blog, facebook etc)  Finally, you need to either sign up as a follower of this blog, or like me on facebook, or mention this post on your blog or facebook.
I will draw the winner on Monday 20th May, so check back to see if you've won!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sewing book and other stuff

You may have noticed a slight pause in blogging.  That's because I've been away.  My lovely niece got married in Sydney  (which is where she lives) and we went over for the wedding.  It was a beautiful day and she made a really pretty bride.  The groom looked handsome and everything went without a hitch, except for the couple.  (They got hitched - haha)  The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny but not too hot.  
The view from the reception venue.
Beautiful Sydney
The gorgeous bride with her Aunts (me and my 4 sisters)
It was a great day, catching up with relatives and friends, celebrating the union of my niece with her husband.  We have done quite a bit of holidaying with both of them and I couldn't choose a nicer husband for her. 

I was asked to review a book for ViveBooks.  I chose this book by Julia Bremble.
Entitled Corset Making for beginner to intermediate, it is the go to book for corset making.  The ebook is a PDF download with interactive elements like videos.  It is a really lovely looking book with lots of very clear illustrations and photos.  It explains corset making simply so that it is suitable for your first corset and offers plenty if you've made a corset before.  Julie's introduction is helpful in understanding how a corset works and a little about it's history.  The sewing techniques are easy to follow as are Julie's instructions.  Corsets are not just for wearing under clothes to give the perfect hour glass shape, they are also lovely worn with jeans or as a stunning evening garment with trousers or a skirt. Don't hesitate because this is an ebook, it is easy to download and looks great on screen.  You could print it out but then you'd miss the interactive elements.  If you have ever flirted with making a corset, here is the perfect textbook.